Our extensive and varied experience (Open 60, multihulls and 40 feet, Decision 35, Mini Transat 6.50, Figaro, etc.) enables us to evaluate the loads on your rig and to use the right product in the right place. An optimal match between the materials used in running and standing rigging provides a significant gain in performance. From the deck to the masthead, through all hoists, we monitor, maintain and optimize your boat.


For ages textile halyard replaced the steel cable. Since the beginning of the century and even before, the classical rigging – everything that serves to keep the mast upright – has given way to high modulus fibers such as Vectran, Spectra, Kevlar or other PBO on racing boats. The benefit in terms of weight and performance are enormous. “Racing and cruising” boats are also now influenced by this trend.



Custom rope work for halyards and sheets, textiles shackles, loops and other hoists.



Study and installation of textile standing rigging.