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Do you ignore the list of the equipment you have to always possess on board? Did you already lose a shackle pin or make a hole in your spinnaker? Don’t worry, you’re normal! SUI 46°16’ is here to help and advise you. Regarding chandlery, our selection goes from fenders, boat hooks, flags, etc. to tapes and the unavoidable shackles and pulleys. In short, all the useful and required boats equipments! And if the model is lacking, we easily order it for you.


PONTOS from Saint Malo in France has introduced a new standard to the world of winches. Their game-changing winches revolutionize the way you manoeuvre.

PONTOS brings racing technology to everyone and boosts your performance to new levels. Join us and push back your limits!


After 3 years of development, INO-BLOCK has now a full fange of block, from 0.8 to 6 ton working load.

Présentées aux DAME AWARDS, déjà adoptées par de grands noms de la course au large en France, ces nouvelles poulies intégrant la technologie TAT sont en train de révolutionner le monde de la poulie !